The Basics Of Workout Exercises

Basics Of Workout Exercises

People take to work out exercises to gain a better health profile most of the time. For some it is more of an obsession than a simple set of exercises.  It would be interesting to note that a complete workout is split into three components. The first is the warm up exercises, the second the main body of the exercises and then last the cool down exercises.  Each part has it contribution towards a complete workout but it should be stressed that it is the main workouts that needs to be focused on most of the time.

Warm up exercises

The role of the warm up exercises is to warm up the body from the cold situation.  It stimulates the blood flow to the various body parts and helps make the muscle groups ready for the exercises. Unless warmed up fully, it is possible that the person can undergo injuries and damages to the body which can mean even hospitalization.

Once the muscle groups are warmed up, it becomes possible to set the tone for the rest of the exercises.  The full stretch of the exercises is borne out when complete flexibility is accorded to the body parts. A factor that few people realize is that swimming is a good warm up activity.  It would be a single exercise that strikes every part of the body and every muscle group as well. 

The main exercises

It is possible for the main set of exercises to be further split into two; the free weight exercises and the machine assisted exercises.  The free weight exercises are designed to try and build up muscle mass and are suited to those wanting to increase the body weight.  The machine assisted exercises are done on machines that can be pre-tensioned to mimic different stress levels of exercises. 

Either way, it is important to have the exercises done by a trained coach so that the correct technique and method is followed each time.  Some of the exercises need to be followed with a strict form as compared to the flexible approach taken by the others. It is the trainer or coach that is best placed to guide the individual in performing the set of exercises to the full.

Basics Of Workout Exercises

Warm down exercises

These form the fag end of the workouts and people often do not take it with the seriousness that it deserves to be handled with. A good cool down can mean less soreness in the body after a workout and helps the person recuperate faster.

Any minor wear and tear can be set right with a proper cool down exercise most of the time. Thus helping the sportsmen attain a complete work out most of the time. Some folks include a basic massage to the exercise regimen.  They do help reduce downtime of the person and allows the sports men to get back to their feet every day and each day.  Every effort that produced pain has to be properly investigated till the final cause is made known to the exerciser.

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