Making The Workouts Count

No two people working out in the very same gym does the same kind of workouts.  It is how the time is spent and the kind of activities that each person engages in that counts in the final run.  What is being made out here is the common mistakes that people who take to working out gets to make most of the time.

Too much socializing

There are a lot of instances when the gym is turned into a social club and not as a place to have a serious workout.  Although minimal social interactions cannot be avoided, it does not mean that the entire gym workout has to be but talk alone. Conversations should be restricted to between the exercises and not taken as a mainstream activity.

Lack of intensity

Often exercises are done without the necessary intensity to the workouts. In a way, this is but a waste of time and should not be encouraged to happen. If a particular exercise is being done, then it must be done with the necessary intensity that produces the most result and in the quickest manner as well.

Relying on the cardio meter

Most cardio workout machines have a measure of the number of calories that are burnt away. It is best not to take the counts as the very absolute to exercising.  The calorie meter is but an indicator and no more. The grave mistake is to constitute the count as being the most accurate one possible.

Sticking to a single program

A lot of the folks stick to a single plan of exercise or regimen. It would allow certain shadow areas to form in the workout routines.  To have a well-rounded workout, the ideal situation is to have a set of two or three exercise routines that can be interchanged from time to time to get to the most parts of the body.

Spot reduction training

There are no scientific means to verify that spot reduction or spot exercises do work at any time.  The shape or form that a person takes depends primarily on genetics and no more. Having to try to reduce with spot training is dangerous and can cause severe injuries.

Improper exercise routines

Every exercise routine has strict forms of execution. When these forms are disturbed, then it follows that the exercise does not hit the intended part of the body or the person as a whole. Not just that. Wrong execution of the routine can cause injuries and damages to the body parts as well.

Going too fast too quickly

While training with weights, there is a tendency to move fast to add plates to the exercises.  It is important to stay at a setting and get used to the workouts. Failure to do so would mean lack of progress and lack of bulk being built on the person.


Weight training is a science that needs to be mastered well and workouts need to have the right intensity most of the time. Time plays its role in the mastering of weights and no amount of pushing the limits would help to any extent.

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